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Welcome to barneystinsonquotes.com. An entire website dedicated to Barney Stinson Quotes. Here you will find all of the Barney Stinson Quotes that were every mentioned during the entire series of How I met Your Mother. The funniest, most broish, awesome quotes ever told by the Barnacle. I am a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother and love those awesome Barney Stinson quotes. We hope that you will enjoy these Barney Stinson Quotes and feel free to comment and share these quotes with your friends! We also have a wide variety of other cool items to offer. Feel free to check out our Motivational Posters page. There you will find some of the best, coolest and most legendary posters that have been seen in Barney’s office during the How I Met Your Mother series. Hope you enjoy and have fun!


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Barney Stinson Quotes



PS: Feel free to comment and give your thoughts on my website. I am a huge fan of How I Met Your mother and love the Barnacle. He is one of the coolest and baddest dudes out there. Everyone wants to become his Brover. From coffee shop boy to awesome business magnet. He is one of the greatest fictional characters out there. I believe we should have more characters like Barney. Awesome, handsome, well dressed and funny. I am also a huge fan of all the other How I Met Your Mother Characters. Maybe I might add some more merchandise of the other characters to the list. Feel free to comment and let me know what other merchandise you would like to see and have.


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